Evolution Hobbies and Raceway

2019 race season starts Sunday May 5th.
This year we will be racing every other Sunday and Friday night*.
Here are the dates we will be running on(weather permitting) :
Sunday -10am start time 
May -5th(opener) & 19th
June-2nd,16th & 30th
July-14th & 28th
August-11th & 25th
eptember-8th & 22nd 
October-6th & 20th
Friday Nights-7pm start time *
May- 24th(opener)
June-7th & 21st
July-5th & 19th
August-2nd,16th &30th
September-13th & 27th
* date may change ,i will post if it does
Here is the list of 2019 special "event" races .
May 19th-Triple Crown Race#1
June 30th-Triple Crown Race#2
August 11th-Triple crown Race#3
Sepember 8th-11th annual Money Madness Race(MMR)
October 6th-Howler race and pot luck lunch 
Friday Night 
June 21st-Triple Crown Race#1
July 19th-Triple Crown Race#2
August 30th-Triple Crown Race#3

Located at :

1036 Meadow rd (rtr.121)

Casco Maine 04015

Shop Hours:

Sunday 11-3
       Monday Closed 
      Tuesday Closed
      Wednesday 11-6
       Thursday   11-6 
Friday 10-6
   Saturday 10-5

Phone (207)627-4407

email:  evolutionhobbies@juno.com


shop website  www.evolutionhobbies.com
                          Visit our Facebook page for current updates                              

Track Fee:s
$5 Practice per person  and non racedays-during shop hours

Race Fee's
$10 Sportsmans -beginner class 

$15 for the first class
$5 each additional class-same driver

keep scrolling down

Race Rules

Enter at your own risk.

1. NO Profanity, we can understand a slip once in a while. If you persist in using
profanity you will be given a warning. If you keep doing it you will be asked to leave.
NO refund on fees will be given.

2. No alcoholic beverages, inappropriate behavior, fighting, or any other type of misconduct.

3. Pick up your pit area, keep it clean as it is your responsibility, we are not maids !

4. You MUST have read and signed a copy of the release and waiver of liability in order to race at our facility.

5. R/C vehicles may NOT be operated (driven) outside the designated track area. Only registered drivers will
be allowed to drive on the track.

6. Never drive in the reverse direction for any reason, doing so may cost you a lap in your next race.

7. A three vehicle minimum is required to make up a "Class" If we do not have
enough for a given class we may combine classes if all agree.

8. Please come prepared to race. If running an electric vehicle we recommend at least 3 battery packs.
A DC charger is also recommended to enable charging  from your car battery.
We will have an AC charging station available but you will only be allowed one outlet.

9. ALL racers will be required to corner marshal immediately following their heats.  It is recommended
that you have a pair of gloves as you have moving parts and on nitro vehicles hot engines and exhausts. 
We ask that you watch your corner, NOT the race. The drivers are counting on you to be alert
 and to make your best effort at getting them back on the track. Corner marshals are not allowed
to restart or repair vehicles if it interferes with the marshaling of other vehicles. Vehicles must re-enter
at the point of exit and only if not in front of an oncoming vehicle. The only exception
 to this rule is you may designate someone to corner marshal for you,
but you must notify the race director in advance.

10. We will be using frequency clips to show when someone has a specific frequency
when they are on the track, during practice, heats or mains. If someone turns on a
radio while any of the above is going on they will penalized in their main, 1 lap. If
they do it a second time they will be asked to leave until they understand why we
have these rules. If we have too many incidents we will enforce a radio impound,
 and you will have to mark your radios with your name and pick them up before each race.
Transmitters may not be turned on in the pit area while a race is going on or in between heats.

11. You are responsible for what you bring and use. We cannot watch your gear for you.
We feel that the majority of racers are honest people and would not violate the trust that others have in them.

12. If you have a small table or stand it is recommended that you bring it. In the near future we will try
to provide benches for your use but are unable to do so at this time.

13. If you have young children, you are responsible for them. We do not offer a baby
sitting service. These vehicles can reach speeds of 50 MPH or more in a short distance
and we do not want anyone getting hit.

14. You are allowed only one person in your pit during qualifying rounds, and a maximum of 2 during your main.
NO exceptions to this rule as this is a safety issue and we want people to be safe.

15. Corner marshals will not smoke, talk to others, talk on cell phones or anything else that will slow them down
from doing their duties.

16. If you are using a track transponder it must be returned after each race, if you fail to do so you will be
docked one lap from your best qualifier or main.

17. During the qualifiers, your starting positions(grid) are based on your vehicle number. Prior to the start of each race,
 the race director will call out the grid. During the mains, your starting position is based on your best qualifying time and will
be announced at the beginning of the main. NO sandbagging to remain in a lower main.

18. Numbers must be placed on the vehicle. At least three(3) numbers are to be used. One on the windshield and
one on each side. This will help us guarantee an accurate lap count if the counter misses you..

19. Any vehicle may be checked by the race director at any time to make sure it complies with our class rules.
If someone is found cheating it will mean automatic disqualification.

20. Transponders are to be mounted so that the lap counter can read them. Our system uses an overhead bridge to count
 and the transponder has to be mounted so that the LED is facing up. Most people mount it inside behind a Clear portion
of the windshield. You may also cut a hole in the window to do this.

21. Corner cutting will result in a 10 second penalty in the qualifiers and a one lap penalty in the main. If the driver
responsible stops and allows the vehicle that was immediately behind him to pass, no penalty will be given.

22. At the end of the race the race director will announce "finish the lap your on", and you should
 continue until you pass under the finish line bridge. You may then pull over out of the way. Do  NOT  take an extra lap after the finish.

23. Lastly, no smack talking, stomping, hitting or other mis-conduct while on the drivers stand. This will result in a
one lap penalty in your best qualifier or main. If it happens again, immediate disqualification.

24. Failure to abide by these rules will result in you being asked to leave until such time you
feel you can follow the rules. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

You will be asked to sign  the rules page stating that you agree to abide by these rules when you register.

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